Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 3

I have decided that in order to make as much money as possible I am going to have to do something productive every other day. For example today I am going to email companies to see if they would like to be interested in sponsoring an event I will be holding on this very blog. I will be hosting a movie ad campaign competition. The sponsor will be picking the winners and the prizes will be cash or gift certificates. This will be a great opportunity for any amateur movie makers to get their name out there. It will also be a great bang for your buck for any company that decides to sponsor the competition. I will keep everyone posted as to who will be sponsoring and when the competition will start. I also decided that I was going to ask John Chow and Mr Shoemoney, the internet moguls, If they would put my blog on their list of links. If Mr. Chow and Mr. Shoemoney decide to help me out this will be terrific as my traffic will improve dramatically.

Until next time.

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